Teak Garden Furniture – When Handmade Is a Disadvantage

Handmade furniture has become closely associated with luxury and prestige in the recent years. Despite the fact that it typically includes minor imperfections due to the fact that human hand can never be as precise as a machine, many people highly value it for its rarity and uniqueness because it is impossible to make two identical pieces of furniture by hand. Some people also claim that it has a unique character and that machine made one is kind of soulless, however, this is highly debatable because most people “feel” the difference only when they are told about the method of manufacture. Furthermore, handmade does not necessarily translate into higher quality which is particularly obvious when it comes to garden furniture.

Outdoor furniture does not only need to withstand wear and tear like the one that is intended for indoor use but it also has to resist the extreme outdoor conditions including rapid temperature changes, rain, intense ultraviolet light, small creatures that live in or nearby the garden and a number of other outdoor elements. How successfully and how long it will serve its purpose well in the first place depends on the material from which it is made as most materials are highly vulnerable to the effects of the weather. There are a few, however, such as teak which remain unaffected by the outdoor elements because it is protected against moisture, ultraviolet light and even termites by its own natural oils. As a result, it requires no protective treatments whatsoever. But in addition to choosing quality timber (only grade A teak contains adequate amounts of natural oils to be able withstand the outdoor elements), it is also highly important to pay attention to quality of workmanship which does not only have a major influence on the furniture’s aesthetic appeal but its durability as well.

According to the experts, only fully machine made teak furniture is suitable for outdoor use. They explain that handmade production in south and south-east Asia where teak tree is native to is a cheap alternative to fully machine made furniture. It is typically made by local carpenters and workers who focus on quantity rather than quality which varies greatly from one carpenter to another. It is not impossible to find beautifully handmade pieces of furniture, however, they are the exception rather than the rule. The methods of fixing timber are typically inferior to those used by fully mechanised factories, while the seemingly harmless imperfections can seriously affect the furniture’s durability.

Lastly, handmade teak furniture is usually made from inferior quality timber which is considerably cheaper but it is also less durable and unable to withstand the outdoor conditions without regular protective treatments. To make things worse, inferior quality timber is often chemically treated to make the furniture look as it would be made from the highest quality teak and of course, to charge the buyers the price of grade A teak even if it is grade B or even C. Read more at rattan sun lounger website.

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