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Lender Overview
MYJAR short-term loans
MYJAR offers short-term loans from £100 approximately £2000 over different repayment periods. Larger amounts are around for borrow over for a longer period in a lower daily interest. The minimum term contract for an MYJAR loan is 3 months along with the maximum is 1 year, however, you can repay any loan early and you will just pay interest around the time you have had the money.

MyJar alternative

There are good alternatives to this loan company, the best place to discover a good MyJar alternative is to use a good UK broker website.

When can I get my loan?

You can put on to get an MYJAR loan around the clock, 7 days per week online. Once your loan continues to be approved they’re going to send your loan to your checking account via Faster Payments no cost, usually within 15 minutes of your respective loan request. Once you’ve got registered and been approved for your first loan, you’ll be able to request further loans simply by logging into the account. Please note that after you’ve registered and been approved to your first loan, you can request further loans (only 1 loan per customer without notice) by just logging into the account. Please note that eligibility and affordability checks will likely be made before giving you further loan options.

How do I repay my loan?

Loan repayments are taken completely from your debit card on your own agreed repayment date. Before payment is taken, MYJAR will send a reminder to show you how much they’ll collect.

What happens if I can’t pay my loan by the due date?

If you are unable to create a payment or believe you may not have the cash in your take into account the crooks to collect, you should contact MYJAR immediately. They can be reached on 0203 006 2000 or email info@myjar.com. MYJAR may let you added time to pay for your loan should you contact these phones to discuss your poverty. They will work along to be in your loan account and work closely with many debt support charities. MYJAR usually do not charge overtime or default fees.

MyJar alternative firms and how they compare with APR and loan amount

Application Criteria

  • You must be over 18 many years of age
  • You should be surviving in the UK
  • You should have a normal income
  • You should have a UK bank-account using a valid debit card
  • You have to have a mobile phone and email address contact information to obtain verification PIN’s and loan agreements

How is lender regulated?

MYJAR are authorised and regulated from the Financial Conduct Authority

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