How To Use Numerology and Astrology At The Same Time

Numerology 333 and astrology are two separate arts, but very few people know that they can be used at the same time. The union of these two psychic processes is called “astro-numerology”.

How does Astro-Numerology work?
In the West, Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician and philosopher, was the first scholar who explored the hidden capabilities of numbers and discovered the Law of Vibration, which states that each number has a particular vibration.

In Astro-Numerology, the 9 numbers correspond to the nine planets in Astrology. One represents the luminary sun. Two represents the luminary moon. Three represents the planet Jupiter. Four represents the planet Rahu, the Moon’s Ascending Node. Five represents the planet Mercury. Six represents the planet Venus. Seven represents the planet Ketu, the Moon’s Descending Node. Eight represents the planet Saturn. Nine represents the planet Mars.

Take note that Nodes of the Moon, Ketu and Rahu, are the two points where the orbit of the Sun and the Moon intersect. When making astro-numerology predictions, it is important to know the concept of the Fadic number, which involves adding up all the digits that comprise your date of birth.

Thus, the first step to do is to calculate the Fadic Number of the person concerned. Take note that both Fadic and the Combined Fadic Numbers have significant effects. Once you find the Fadic Number of the person concerned, using the different properties of the 9 base numbers, you will now learn the person’s characteristics as that person will have the characteristics of the planet representing that number.

Using this meaning of numbers, you will also know what each number symbolizes or represents to the person concerned.

The Meaning Of Numbers
In numerology, each of the numbers 1 through 9 posses of an inherent meaning that is found within its vibration.

One (1). The first of all numbers, Number One represents the Leader of all numbers. Number 1 people are creative, energetic, independent, and intuitive. They are said to give off self-confidence from every pore of their body, silently beckoning us to follow them. Number 1’s are also very generous yet can become self-obsessed and insolent, deluding themselves into believing they are almighty and all-knowing.

Two (2). Number 2 is almost the complete opposite of the number one. Number 2 symbolizes synergy and diplomacy. Number 1 people have no interest in becoming great leaders and are content to work behind the scenes supporting and encouraging others. Number 2’s are gentle, sweet, supportive and loving. They have a tendency to allow others to walk all over them and influence their already fragile self-confidence and self-esteem.

Three (3). Number 3 is exuberance incarnate. Number 1’s are happy-go-lucky and full of life. They are the consummate “life of the party!” lucky, creative, and very extroverted. Number 3s love the finer things in life, spending money as quickly as they receive it.

Four (4). Represents pragmatism, security and stability, Number 4 are hard workers with a practical mind geared toward the future. The quintessential “head of the family” who looks after those he or she cares about, Number 1’s boasts of being steadfast and tenacious as their strengths while their rigidity and lifelessness are their weaknesses.

Five (5). Symbolizes change, rebellion, and freedom, Number 5 people value freedom above all else. Oftentimes Number 1’s rebel against the status quo, going where no one has dared go before, and refusing to allow others to dictate any control over them.

Six (6). Representing the home, family, love, beauty and romance, Number 6’s are very loving, kind, and gentle. Number 6 people are affectionate and tender and are natural born parents.

Seven (7). Often seen as the most eccentric of all the numbers, Number 7’s are mystical, deep, analytical, wise and intuitive. They are quintessential loners who seemingly abandon society in exchange for their own personal quests of knowledge and wisdom.

Eight (9). One of the most powerful numbers in numerology, Number 8 people are born for achievement, success and leadership. Number 1’s thrive on rising through a hierarchical organization and manipulating those working alongside of them to become part of their own.

Nine (9). Representing the end of all things, Number 9 represents humanitarianism, compassion, tolerance and both spiritual and material success. Number 9’s are idealistic mystics as well as blessed with more charm and compassion than all of the numbers added together.

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