3 Key Areas To Help You Identify Metal Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels have with time gained publicity due to their great functionality and the many advantages they come with. You have probably had an encounter with them and have become your favourite wheels. But in one way or the other, you have bought wheels, thinking that they were alloy but only found out later that you were hoaxed. You felt cheated and wasted.

So, how can you tell alloy wheels from all other wheels available in the market? How can you differentiate fake wheels from original alloy wheels?
There are 3 key areas on the wheel which can help you know whether the wheel you are about to purchase is an alloy or not.

These include but not limited to;
Check out for alloy wheel manufacturers
The first step is to check out top recognized manufacturers of alloy wheels. This you can do by the help of your personal mechanic or online checking. Check them out and list them. The reason you do this is to get their names, their logo and where they print the logo on alloy wheels from their companies. This will count when purchasing wheels from the distribution shops.

During purchase, these are the 3 areas you can check for proof that the ones you are buying are indeed alloy:
The rim
The rim in most wheels has the name and logo of the company from which it was manufactured. Any time you are out buying wheels, check the rim and ascertain that the logo on it is from a recognized manufacturer. If you recognize the logo, the next thing you do is check whether the logo is as you had seen it while doing your research. You can always tell a fake logo from an original one. The fake always has something missing. If it is as you had seen it, then the wheel is a metal alloy.

The wheel Cap
This is the part on the wheel that covers the hub of the car at the point where it comes through the centre
of the wheel. You will often find the logo and the company’s name on the centre cap. Some of them will miss the centre cap. This will make it hard for you to know the manufacturer. If you encounter such wheels and are not sure about them, it’s good to leave them than regret. Do not take chances. And just as with rims, if you see the logo, use the knowledge you have from the research to determine whether it’s fake or real.

The back of the wheel
Some logos and company names can also be found at the back of the wheel. To check, turn the wheel over and check at the back. Here, most companies will put the logo, the company name, the date of manufacture, the wheel size and type. This will help you know whether it is the metal wheel you are looking for or not.

It’s advisable to carry your laptop during purchase for online counterchecking. You can always countercheck the wheels with online manufacturers like Moto metal wheels to spot similarities and the differences.

This will help you get the right alloy wheels and never get disappointed. Follow the link on alloy wheel refurbishment nottingham to discover more.

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